StringIt! Build strings with similar pictures.

StringIt! is a social mobile application to connect similar pictures from you and your friends into one huge string. StringIt! is available on iOS and Android. Start creating your first string today!



Crafted in Belgium

StringIt! is created by people with a passion for programming. And that all happening right here in Belgium.

Popular feature

On StringIt!, you do not only see your own timeline but also the week most popular strings from all around the world. Who can create the largest string?

iOS & Android

Hey, no judgements here. StringIt! is available on iOS and Android. Download the app now and start to StringIt!


Stunning design

StringIt! comes with a state of the art stunning design working with the latest technologies.


StringIt! keeps, next to your own strings, track to all the strings you have posted on.

Connect memories

On StringIt! you could also post pictures from your own project and see, while the project is evolving, the string becomes longer and longer. A great way to look back from the start and see all your memories into one string.

Download the App

StringIt! is now available on iOS and Android. Download the application now and start creating your first string. We are awaiting for your arrival.

Get In Touch

Thanks for your interest in StringIt!. Please use this form if you have any questions or bugreports about our application and we'll get back to you very soon.